Freelancer – Freelancer Rebirth (2014) PC Torrent


Title: Freelancer – Freelancer Rebirth
Release date of original game: February 4, 2003
Release date: May 1, 2014
Genre : Simulator
Developer: Lightwarrior
Publisher: Digital Anvil
Version: 1.0
Mod version: 7.6
Platform: PC
Interface: Russian
Language voice: Russian
Tablet: not required

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Se7en
Processor: Pentium III 600 MHz
Video card: GeForce 2 MX 400 with 32 MB memory
Sound card: Sound device compatible with DirectX®
Space on hard disk: 3.24 GB

Description: Freelancer Rebirth – one of the largest Russian-language mods. With new graphics, new scales and greater opportunities for the players.

Information update 7.6
1.Added 12 new systems
2.Added a new race
3.Added about 30 new ships
4.Added new types of equipment
5.Added a new product
6.Added new sounds, music
7.Added new effects
8.New models added objects, new textures, planets, etc
9.Modified model of the trade rings
10.Added the ability to select difficulty on the missions, also added the mission for the battleships, cruisers and gunboats, in some places, increased the maximum fee, depending on the mission level
11.The global map is divided into several sectors
12.Added several staff from the factory, the torpedo from the cruiser of the coalition
13.Increased the range of drawing some effektov.
14.Edited the settings of some ships.
15.Fixed a bug with undocking bases, planets, capital ships in a single game.
16.Changed entering screen saver in the menu.
17.Fixed some bugs
18.Added locking of the movement of some ships who did not have the possibility of installing
19.Added to sell rocket launchers for ships of class gunboats
20.Reduced initial speed of capital missiles and torpedoes.
21.Increased limits on the purchase of bogus
22.Added a strip of strength to many manufacturers.
23.Fixed bug with crash to desktop before the explosion of large objects in a single game
24.Rewritten management, in particular light and heavy fighters
25.Increased damage from collisions.
26.Added repair the buoys, lasers (the efficiency of the lasers only on the server)
27.Added hole jump point to system OMICRON Epsilon in the system Dionysus
28.Added zone patrols (in new systems)
29.Added capital ships to Arcadia for training
30.Returned standard storyline
31.Added rays of capture of different radius and color
32.Added the ability to sell and transfer engines (performance on the EXE file patched under Russian chat is not guaranteed to work correctly download the EXE from our website, the link is below, it applies only to those who have problems with displaying Russian fonts in chat)

Run ‘setup.exe’


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