Xenonauts(2014) Pc Torrent

Title: Xenonauts [v 1.09]
Edition type: RePack
Genre: Strategy, Turn-based, Tactical, Isometric
Developer: Gamethunks
Year: 2014
Platform: PC
Version: 1.09
Interface language: Russian, English
Tablet: Not required

System requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Processor: 1.7 GHz Processor Intel or AMD
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Video card: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0 and 128MB
Sound device: Compatible with DirectX
Space on hard drive: 3 GB

Description: the game takes place in an alternate world 1979, during the cold war when the USSR and the USA join forces to combat an alien invasion. Like in the original UFO Defense, gameplay is divided into strategic part (Geoscape) and tactical (Combat Viewer). In the strategic part, the player creates and develops base, recruit for them, conducts research, struggles with the alien ships. Tactical part is a turn-based ground combat. One of the most significant innovations compared with UFO Defense — tactical air combat between fighter interceptors earthlings and “flying saucers”. In terrestrial missions will be introduced alternative victory conditions, relieving the player from having to destroy all the aliens on the map, and player-friendly soldiers under computer control. Game developers have expressed their approach to tactical battle as follows: “You have to lose units because of their mistakes, not because of bad luck, so weapons like Blaster bombs capable of destroying half your unit has been removed and replaced by a weapon, which skilful player can withstand”.

The authors of the translation
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Crack 1.07
• Added localization of the last 36 articles of Xenopedia:
– Singular Cord. Rocket
– X-59 Marauder
– Gravitant Hyperion
– Antigrav. Generator Aliens
– Communication Array Aliens
– Thermonuclear Warheads
Assault Shield
– Center For Quantum Cryptography
– D-54 Valkyrie Landing Ship
– Skorost. Plasma Weapons..
– Plasma Cannon
– Plasma Warheads
– Termoyadernyi Reactor Alien
– The Hyperdrive Aliens
– Rapid-fire MAGICIAN weapons
– MAG Railgun
– Armored Hunter
– Battle armor “the Jackal”
– Leniana explosives
– Alienine Warheads
– Plasma explosive device
– Thermonuclear explosive devices
– Turret “Gaduka” for the Hunter
– Assault Rifle Aliens
– Opening Of Sisana
– An Autopsy Sevilliana
– Andron Disassembly
– The Autopsy Of A Ghost
– Opening Hurricane
– Opening Of The Ripper
– Opening Of The Praetor
– Singular Cannon
– Jump pack
– X-44 Saracen Interceptor
– The Power Plant Aliens
– Alien Grenade

(Thus, the transfer of all Xenopedia and the interface of the game Xenonauts completed, there was only minor edits.)
• Fixed #### in the description of the nationality of the soldiers (you need to start a new game)
• Adapted files soldiernamesfemale.xml and soldiersnames.xml and translated more than 100 new names
• Fixed disappearance of some messages at the end the construction of armored Hunter
• Fixed disappearing messages after “air strike” on the crashed UFO
• Fixed a script installer that caused incorrect work of the function “backup”

When you start the game, you may notice a window that says “Version 1.07” – the whole point is that the crack adapted to version 1.07 and installed exe-schnick changes. In this case, all resources of the game correspond to version 1.09.

On Win 7 or 8 run setup as administrator

Features a RePack’
Do not cut / do not recoded
Game version: 1.09
Sewn crack from “resonansER”, version 1.07 dated 10.07.2014
Start the game from desktop
RePack by ThreeZ [R. G. Games]


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