S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat – Sleep Of Reason (2014) PC Torrent

Release year: 2014
Genre: Action
Developer: GSC Game World
Publisher: Chaikin Leonid (SoR-TeaM)
Edition type: Repack
Game version: 1.6.02
Fashion: 0.5
Interface language: Russian
The voice language: Russian
Tablet: Enclosing

Operating system: Windows XP /Windows Vista /Windows 7 /Windows 8
Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo 2.4 GHz
Memory: 3 GB
Video card: 512 Mb – 1024 Mb / nVIDIA® GeForce™ / ATI Radeon®
Sound card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0
Free space on hard disk: 8 GB
DESCRIPTION: All events take place in parallel the events of PM, namely: disabling brain burner.
This mod will be a prequel Stalker, named Zulu. You will learn how and under what circumstances he got in the zone of what he went through and how affected groups “Freedom” and “Duty”. You will learn why he stayed in the Area after everything learned and saw. More familiar with the Stalker Zemeckis. Learn previously inhabited by Janov.

Short description:
The plot was not very long in the future, possibly, will be further developed.

1)the New location Dressing room (the Action will take place on Jupiter, Dressing room and 1 underground laboratory)
2)8 new places to sleep
3)18 facilities on location
4)a New dynamic scope
5)number of new NPCs: more than 50
6)number of new quests: more than 40
7) a Large number of anomalies at the locations
8) a Large number of recesses at the locations
9) There’s an entry in group (optional, and not all of them)
10) Qty added honey-preparatov : 1
11) All weapons replaced with provocatory + added new
12) Added the message about low HP, thank you, Akella-96 aka SvD.
13) Pokrene screen on critical strikes (AMK 1.4.1)
14) PC said (voiced its “Beastly”(Dmitry))
15) the Loss of weapons (rare) with critical injuries.
16) Dobalina radio and gramophone + transmitters with sound (at the moment 7)
17) New items : 1
18) Stuff as modified menu etc. I will not mention, it’s so clear
19) This is not all, many other surprises you will learn after modification
20) Added AtmosFear 3
21) Added objects at the locations
22) And many new things that you will see in the game.

Bugs and crashes:
1) Possible crash when switching between locations (treated load save)
2) crash when loading save (cured by rebooting the game)
3) I apologize in Advance for grammatical errors.
4) Maybe a rare decrease in FPS.

Features Repack:
“Do not cut / nothing recoded
“Game version: 1.6.02
“Version: 0.5

“MOU Sleep Of Reason – Zulus Story
“Fix No. 1
“Correction of errors in texts


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