S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: FeaR Zone (2014) PC Torrent


Title: S. T. A. L. K. E. R.: Call Of Pripyat – FeaR Zone
The date of release of the original game: October 02, 2009
Release date: March 17, 2014
Genre : Action
Developer: team FZM Team
Publisher: GSC World Publishing
Version: v1.6.02
Mod version: 0.1
Platform: PC
Interface: Russian
Voice: Russian
Tablet: not required

Description: A Cold was just a Stalker, he studied the phenomena of the Zone on the so-called stalkers locations of the Swamp, but after a big release in the Swamp became impossible and is so Cold, went to the Cordon. When the Cold came to the Cordon, he went to the base of newcomers. Some stalkers coming into the Zone worked for Sidorovich, a local trader, and so happened with the Cold. After long work on the Sidorovich, the Cold became his best friend and Sidor began to trust him completely. After some time Sidorovich offered Cold to trade and he immediately agreed. Meanwhile, in the Area there is a powerful release, after which comes a nuclear winter. The majority of stalkers die from the cold. After 2 years to Sidor went unknown stalkers, they called themselves the Pure Sky. They were looking for a man who knows these places and all outputs and loopholes from the Cordon. By the time the Cold knew Cordon, as their five fingers and decided to hold them to the Swamp. After coming to the Swamp, Lebedev gave the order to clear Sky built the base, and the Cold was asked to become a member of the group, he agreed and began to develop trade between the stalkers. Stalkers passing base always came on the glass to the Cold. Despite the perimeter of the cordon, stalkerstva becomes more widespread. But examined only the outskirts of the Zone: the attempt to penetrate to its center fail. In 2012, a Stalker known as the Shooter have solved the mystery of the Brain Burner is a powerful emitter that can destroy the mind of man – and turned it off. After that mass stalkers rushed to the center of the Zone: some were looking for the legendary Klondike artifacts, others equally legendary Wishmaster. In the Area send Degtyarev former Stalker, to investigate the failure of operation ‘channel’. Cold and with him was familiar even with the base of the Zone. Degtyarev says why you came here again. After a long conversation stalkers decide to continue their journey together.

System requirements:
• Operating system (OS): Windows XP(sp3)/ Vista(sp2)/ Seven(sp1), 64-bit OC
• Processor (CPU): Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz, recommended Intel Core i7-920 2.66 GHz
• Memory (RAM): 4 Gb, 6 Gb recommended for Vista/Seven x64
• Video card (VGA): ATI Radeon HD7750/NVIDIA GeForce GTX640 DirectX 9.0 -compliant, 1024 Mb
• Hard disk drive (HDD): 7.88 Gb free space

1) due to numerous requests of players, was left the old story.
2) Added new quests (Carefully read the dialogues, since the exact location of an object or NPC yet).
3) Added a new location – the Red forest. It appeared anomalies of the base of stalkers, monsters, personal drawers and a place to sleep.
4) has done a great job on the graphics. Created from scratch weather, all the textures to catch the eye of GG were changed to winter (within reason).
5) At all locations there are new factions : the Dawn Seekers, clear Sky, Sin, Tigers, Merchants.
6) Added new artifacts, about 50.
7) You will see new caches at all locations. There are those that are easy to find but there is nothing particularly valuable and have are hard to find, but after finding you will be pleasantly surprised.
8) Added new weapons about 60, all of them
you can upgrade maintenance.
9) Added a lot of new armor. Also you can upgrade maintenance.
10) New items waiting for their purchases from merchants such as:
Wine, brandy, the new sausage and much more.
11) New types of medicines.
12) Added new visuals NPCs.
13) Added old carved monsters : kink, rat and 5 types of zombies.
14) Were changed almost all the sounds that you can hear HS,
added dynamic music in the menu (3 songs).Were replaced by guitar songs.
15) New, old NPCs were added new dialogs.
16) Have a Beard, you can take money on credit.
17) With stalkers, you can change things.
18) At all locations added new merchants.
19) Added a sleeping bag.
20) added a new HUD (if you do not like, then please write in the comments).
If you want thoroughly acquainted with the changes of the mod here is the link to it:

Run ‘S. T. A. L. K. E. R. Call Of Pripyat – FeaR Zone.exe’
to install


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