Dreamscapes 2 Nightmare’s Heir (2014) PC Torrent


Release year: 2014
Genre: I’m looking for, quest
Developer: Shaman Games Studio
Publisher: Big Fish Games
Language: English
Platform: PC

System requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
CPU: 1.2 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
On the drive 700mv
DirectX: 9.0 or higher

Now two years have passed since Laura came out of the coma, but the thoughts about the promise of revenge from Sandman continue to torment the girl. To distract her friend from the heavy thoughts, Tim organizes a trip to a ski resort. But the misery continues – Tim, in a fit of madness runs outside and falls down the cliff. Not hard to guess that it’s the Sandman. Laurie has two choices: to watch her beloved slowly die in the hospital, or to act, to call for help from an old friend who once helped her when she was in a coma. The Sandman continues to take revenge on the old schemes: sending nightmares, it suppresses the will of the victim to resist. Will you be able to help Laura to save Tim before the Sandman fully possess them?



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