Farming World (2014) PC Torrent

Release year: 2014
Genre: Strategy (Manage/Busin. / Real-time)
Developer: Merge Games
Publisher: Excalibur Publishing
Platform: PC
Language: English
License: freeware

System requirements:
■ Operating system: Windows® XP (SP3) / Vista / 7 / 8
■ Processor: 2.4 GHz
■ Video Card: 256 MB
■ Memory: 2048 MB
■ Free space on hard disk: 150 MB

Farming World is a farming simulator in which the player develops their own plantation area, growing vegetables, fruits, animals, as well as improving farm and trading with AI players.
The player is allowed to decide where to focus: on the grain or grapes, fruits or other plant species. The main thing to remember is that the market is a changeable thing and does not forgive mistakes! Choose the most interesting for You agricultural products, replenish their stocks, adapt to economic factors and grow exactly what is the demand. Finding the invisible edge between profitability and costs, and makes up the lion’s share of interest in Farming World.
Start with a small land plot, and slowly acquire additional capital and expand their own sphere of influence, buy new plots and farms, and, of course, Fund your budget! Do not forget the construction of roads between Your plots, irrigation of crops using planes and helicopters, processing of cereals, fruits and vegetables from pests. Become the best farmer!


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