The Long Dark (2014) PC Torrent


Release year: 2014
Genre: 1st Person / Adventure (Survival)
Developer: Hinterland Studio Inc
Publisher: Hinterland Studio Inc
Interface language: Russian(Pistol121, Ice_tea)
Platform: PC

System requirements:
*Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
*CPU: 2.0 GHz
*Memory: 2 GB
*Video Card: 512 MB
*Hard disk space: 500 MB

The Long Dark – hardcore survival simulator in the vast forests of Northern Canada! You will play as a pilot named Fork McKenzie, whose plane crashed after a mysterious geomagnetic storm. The main task is to survive as long as possible to find out what happened with the world and how has it changed? Explore the terrain, collect resources and explore the world around them. Also, you have to make different moral decisions that will affect the development of the plot, the gameplay and the further development of humanity as a whole. Imagine that the lights have been extinguished forever. Bright Northern lights filled the sky, and all the technological advances of mankind instantly reversed, in a kind of quiet Apocalypse. All that was protecting the person from the forces of Mother Nature now taken away from us (while omitting humanity on a few links in the food chain). Water and a little food. The road is unsafe. But winter is coming… Meetings with other survivors will always be risky, but the Long Dark will not be a game about shooting and reckless homicide. The battle will be rare, but deadly. Knowledge and skills are the most valuable resources, so you have to evaluate the potential usefulness of one or another of the survivors, and the potential threat from him. This game is about exploration, where one weapon can not solve all problems. In the Long Dark will not be heroes and villains, only survivors and saviors. Greedy and selfless. People who survive thanks to his power, wit, and ability to listen to the world around.


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