Monstrum (2015) PC Torrent


Year of release: may 20, 2015
Genre: Action (Survival horror) / 3D / 1st Person
Developer: Team Junkfish
Publisher: Independent
Language: English
Platform: PC

System requirements:
*Operating system: Windows Vista / 7 / 8
*Processor: 2.4 GHz
*RAM: 4 GB
*Video Card: 1 GB
*Hard disk space: 3 GB

Description: Monstrum – creepy horror-action game where you have to survive on an abandoned ship filled with deadly traps! The levels are randomly generated, so each playthrough will be unique. If you think that you are not afraid of anything, then you should try the Band. The game takes place on an abandoned ship that has been more than a decade rests in one of the old docks. Once his team completely disappeared in an unknown direction, and then everything about him was totally forgotten. Our main hero has decided not to tolerate this state of Affairs, and he needs to investigate all the mysteries, to not have any unsolved mysteries. What is the relation arose between him and the ship, you learn in the process of passing. Pitfall here is that actually someone’s dilapidated decks and tingling scares you. What kind of creatures you will find in the end. The level design is made just at the highest level, and it really frightens all who are beginning their first passage. Welcome to the nightmarish and terrifying world in which otherworldly forces have already started their feast.


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