Destiny The Taken King Legendary Edition (2015) PS3 Torrent


Year: 2015
Genre: Online games / On-line, RPG / RPG, Shooting / Shooter, Action. Adventure / Action. Adventure
Developer: Bungie Software
Publisher: Activision
On-line Multiplayer: 1-12
Cooperative Mode: Yes!
Region: Region Free
Publication Type: License
Language: English
Type of translation: No

Description: The great shadow covered our worlds. Oryx, Obsessed King, dreams of revenge and creates an army of obsessed with using the power of the Darkness. You have to penetrate the impregnable Dreadnought and beat Obsessive King before his dark army engulf civilization and destroy the solar system … For the new Guardians, is only going to conquer the universe, as well as all those who have long been traveling interstellar trails, a great gift for the first anniversary of the famous Destiny will be a special edition, in addition to the original game includes updated Expansion I: The Dark Below, Expansion II: House of Wolves, as well as a welcome addition to The Taken King. Destiny: The Taken King – a whole new adventure in the universe of Destiny, a new story campaign and tasks, new enemies, new unexplored corners of the world, new maps and modes for strikes Crucible, as well as a new, full of dangers Reid. To cope with future tests will help players to three new subclass Guard, as well as a huge arsenal of weapons, armor and equipment. At the time, the prime minister is the Destiny marked bestgeymer no grand launch of a new project in the history of video games. Supplement The Taken King in turn – the large-scale expansion of the universe.


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