Life Is Strange Ep1 (2015) XBOX360 Torrent


Year: 2015
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Dontnod Entertainment
Publisher: Square Enix
Publication Type: XBLA Firmware: FreeBoot
Language: Russian
Language: Russian (ElikaStudio & RG MVO)
Transfer type: the text + a sound
Serviceability checked releasers: Yes

Life is Strange – episodic adventure, events that develop in the fictional town of Arcadia Bay in Oregon. The story of the friendship that could quickly end if it had not suddenly opened talent Macks. She found his gift – the ability to rewind time. But still it is not clear exactly how it works and what can result. Everything starts with the rescue girlfriend of the main character – Chloe, was shot in the stomach, but it is unlikely to know. Being a witness of her death, you are trying to prevent an event that leads to rewind time back. Now you have the right to change the course of events that affect the past, future, present, and prevent the death of an old friend is not the end. Soon the couple will reveal the shocking truth about the disappearance of their classmates. Meanwhile Macks obliged to be able to realize, its power over time and learn how to apply it without harm to others.


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