The Unfinished Swan (2012) PS3 Torrent


Year: 23.10.2012
Genre: Logic, Adventure
Developer: Giant Sparrow
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Publication Type: Repack
Area: EUR
Code disc: NPEA00395
Language: Russian
Language: English
Firmware: CFW 4.21+
Starting from the disk: Inner

In operation Check: Yes (CFW Habib 4.70 v1.01 Cobra Edition)

The Unfinished Swan – an interactive picture with its depth and history.

Orphaned Monroe loses his mother and receives her inheritance in the form of a plurality of pictures. Woman painted tolerably well, but with one huge disadvantage – it never ends his paintings. With a boy in an orphanage allowed to take only one of them, and he chooses the most favorite, which depicts the unfinished swan. One day, the boy wakes up and discovers that the swan with the picture was gone. Monroe, without hesitation, armed with a brush jumped into the picture and went in search of a swan.

Caught in a completely white world, Monroe will paint it, thereby denoting the boundary walls and objects.
Features repack version:

• Do not cut
• Sewn patch the latest version 2.00
• Run through the icon on the XMB (without a manager)
• Installation is divided into 1 DVD2


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