Final Fantasy XIII (2010) PS3 Torrent

Year: 2010
Genre: jRPG
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Code disc: MRTC00003
Area: Eur
Language: Rus
Language subtitles: Rus
Language Voice: Eng

Action Final Fantasy XIII takes place in a futuristic world of Pulse (Pulse), which is inhabited by dangerous species of flora and fauna. For the defense of the grim and harsh reality, a certain race fal’Sie (falCie) has created a floating city Cocoon (Cocoon), but this only increased the conflict with the indigenous inhabitants of the planet. The player gets six different characters, but becomes a key figure observation Lightning. At the same time, the player controls only one character, and the actions of other members of the team are determined roles. They are in game six, and by the end of the game all six characters have access to each role (originally present in every capacity in only three directions). However, until the tenth chapter (of the game were thirteen) the player is not allowed to make their own team and choose the main character. Multiple storylines and the skillful use of flashbacks – that’s what makes the plot of Final Fantasy XIII fun

The combat system is fairly simple game at first, but gradually becoming one of the brightest and most interesting systems of all games in the series Final Fantasy. It is based on the classical system ATB (Active Time Battle). The system is designed so that it is better to choose one team at a time – so you can combo dimmed and, in particularly difficult situations, heroes charging different tasks. During battles, the characters will be able to summon the aid of various creatures, thereby making the fights more interesting and diverse. One of the drawbacks of the game as compared to other games of this series can be considered in the absence of Final Fantasy XIII mini-games. Given a constant voltage, fast rhythm and a lot of “little fights” that are characteristic of the combat system Final Fantasy XIII, is easy to understand why the game is so exciting


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