Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (2015) XBOX360 Torrent


Year: 2015
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person / Stealth
Developer: Kojima Productions
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
Region: Region Free
Publication Type / localization: License
Publication Type: GOD
Firmware: FreeBoot
Language: [MULTI-7] Русский-Английский-Французский-Немецкий-Испанский-Итальянский-Португальский-Японский
Language: English

Metal Gear Solid – the legendary stealth series, belonged exclusively PlayStation. It is thanks to MGS acquire many Japanese console. After all, the world is not so much atmospheric stealth action games that have fit perfectly balanced plot and mechanics. Therefore, owners of the PlayStation pricked up his ears when he heard about a new part of the Metal Gear Solid. We figured out that a continuation of the adventures of Solid Snake and decided to tell all in fact our readers.

The new part is called «The Phantom Pain» – «The Phantom pain” and is already the tenth, despite the number V at the title game of the series Metal Gear (apart Solid, Kojima took up the release line Rising). Recall before the Phantom Pain, Hideo Kojima has produced “a snack» Ground Zeroes, quite short and inferior to the previous games in its scope and intensity of the event. As the Japanese game designer, Ground Zeroes – only the prologue and The Phantom Pain is already 200 times larger. With a little bit scary, because when a simple calculation, we will spend a bit much for passing 400 hours.
As for the gameplay, the foundations remain. Kojima promised a realistic day and night because each mission during the second pass will have its own unique atmosphere. Also, the passage we will be able to use the technology that has been done is not in vain – the developers promise a great location and the expansion of the whole game.

Many characters will be familiar to fans of the previous parts of the game. Of course,
All during that time have changed in appearance – Kaz lost
legs, eyes, hands. Ocelot is pursuing its own goals, but adjacent to the Snake.
But it is also in the frame will be new faces, including more sex.
Kojima very serious plot twists, focusing on the players
things like trafficking, smuggling, packet transmission inside
the human body, the use of children as soldiers, mining
diamonds using Africans brutal torture. Revenge of eclipsed mind
Main character. Moral decline Snake creators accentuate the scene,
when the children through the bars stretch his hands with gems.
After seeing one, he pulls the trigger with indifference to the frightened young
slaves. Unlike previous installments, Kojima Productions carries voice recording and Motion-picture with English-speaking actors. Capturing the face will be used for the first time. This time will be the main English voice, and not vice versa


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