Uncharted 3 + Uncharted 2 PS3 Torrent

Genre: Action / adventure
Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: SCEA
Disc ID: BCES-01175
Efficiency: Internal / External (have files larger than 4g – pozuytes open split`om) Serviceability checked releasers: Tested for 3.55cfw kmeaw, the internal HDD – seagate 7200rpm (locked up and progruzki textures personally I did not have)
Language: Russian / English
Transfer type: the text + a sound


Part of the acclaimed PS3-exclusive talks about the new and exciting
the adventures of treasure hunter known as Drake. In search of
Heritage Francis Drake protagonist goes to the desert
Rub ‘al Khali, where according to legend, the great hidden Atlantis of the Sands –
town described by Lawrence of Arabia. Together with his
teacher Victor Sullivan, the game’s protagonist will travel
Across Europe and the Middle East will overcome the obstacles and
come to grips with religious groups. When the secrets of the Lost
the city will be unraveled, Nathan will have to win an incredible amount
enemies, and surpass your own fears. Will the main character
win and survive in the game, or the merciless sand dunes forever hide his
name – it all depends on you.


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