Deadly Premonition (2010) XBOX360 Torrent

Release: 2010
Genre: Survival-horror
Developer: Access Games
Publisher: Rising Star Games
Region: PAL
Publication Type / localization: License
Firmware: iXtreme (6 wave)
Language: English
Language: English

Deadly Premonition, is a third-person game genre survival-horror. During the investigation of the murders, players will see a number of interrelated mysteries in remote rural areas and to turn an array of complex characters that are crucial to unraveling the mysteries of the plot. The action sequences in suspense make the player to make a strategic choice in favor of either razed life in the shadow of or involvement in the firing range or melee.
The main character – a secret agent Francis Morgan (Francis Morgan), who was sent to investigate the brutal murder of a local beauty. Among the snow-capped mountains and cities populated by eccentric natives agent Morgan decision bestgeymer be no mystery of these murders and to survive in a place populated supernatural beings and the maniac who seek the termination of the investigation once and for all.


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