Disney Universe (2011) PS3 Torrent

Release date: 28 October 2011
Genre: Action / Adventure
Developer: Eurocom
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Published in Russia: Disney

Language: Russian
Language: Russian
Subtitle Language: Russian
Localization: Disney

Platform: PS3
Publication Type: License
Area: EUR
Code disc: BLES01366
Firmware: 3.70 / image for Cobra ODE / E3 ODE PRO (Compiled with IRD)
Multiplayer: Local (4), Internet (4)

Take an unforgettable journey through the universe, inspired by the art of animation and Disney films and Disney / Pixar. Choose your favorite hero suit and forward – toward adventure! Explore different worlds, solve ingenious puzzles, fight villains and monsters using special skills, abilities and items owned by your character. Completing quests, collect coins, get all sorts of bonuses and new costumes.


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