Far Cry 4 (2014) XBOX360 Torrent


Year: 2014
Genre: Action / Shooter
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Required dashboards: not less than 16537
Publication Type: GOD
Firmware: Freeboot
Language: Russian
Transfer type: text


Another action adventure starts November 18 (November 20 in Russia).

Ubisoft Montreal studio will please fans of the series Far Cry output
new fourth portion. The developers claim that Far Cry 4 will be even
bigger and more exciting than the previous ones. This first-person shooter with
open world. Players will enjoy an exotic island with stunning
scenery: jungle, mountains and a variety of animals. And on top of that
all this – a variety of weapons and vehicles.

The game’s plot is developed in the best traditions of Indian cinema. Kirata –
a fictional region in the Himalayas. Once upon a time there was raging revolution
the leaders of which were Mohan Gail and Peygan Min. But after the victory of the revolution
former allies fell out. Mohan died and became the new dictator Ming –
self proclaimed king. Mohan’s wife and son (Ajay Gail) fled
countries. And now, years later, Ajay returns Kirata. But here again
restless. There is a civil war, which acts against Mina
organization “Golden Road”. In these circumstances, Ajay and must survive.

In Far Cry 4 focuses on multiplayer passing missions
campaign. The game allows you to invite friends to co-flow,
even if they have no game. The player gets 10 invitations to
can send to friends. Visiting can download the game and enter with
Invite for a trial period. For example, when the passage
single missions the player can invite a friend, that he helped her
pass. All this enables the individual approach to the game
Take part in the war, fight with the villain, invite his friends to help. Still want the Himalayas?



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