Alien: Isolation (2014) XBOX360 Torrent

Genre: Survival Horror
Developer: Creative Assembly
Publisher: SEGA
Required dashboards: not less than 16537
Publication Type: GOD
Firmware: FreeBoot
Language: Russian
Transfer type: the text + sound

Chronologically, the story takes place between the second and third full-length episode of the saga. To experience the full horror of the possible rendezvous with disgusting ksenomorfov be matured daughter Ellen Ripley, Amanda. Game events unfold 15 years after the incident in the film “Alien.” Amanda Ripley to find the black box from the cargo ship “Nostromo”, where Ellen served as an assistant pilot, will be able to learn the true causes of the disappearance of his mother. Searches will lead the girl to an abandoned trading station “Sevastopol”, where she has to face and face to face with a stranger repulsive.
Skip to the next compartment requires engineering intervention. Enable
flashlight and search close to the plasma torch. The metal being cut is
memories of the trilogy, Dead Space, which is the general atmosphere,
perhaps the closest Alien: Isolation. But there is a caveat about
the existence of which we are reminded by insinuating squeak radar.
In the best of times it is quite possible to be applied as
bladed weapons, but now he carries other functions. Firstly, of course
also indicates our goal. And secondly, the proximity of the Alien, for which
the goal is to Amanda herself. The clash with the monster may occur
suddenly. We enter into the bay – a stranger is behind the glass in a neighboring
room. We will activate any controls – Alien hears everything.

Gameplay Alien: Isolation will adhere significantly modified the formula “a hunter-prey”, in which the emphasis will be placed on a combination of Stealh and Survival. The player will play all alone, avoiding the stranger, his only enemy. Amanda is not a soldier, so about any firearm we can not go. You have to save, use handy tools and special devices such as motion detection or recognizable compact welding machine. Though dark, horse, and appear in splendid isolation, but expect a “dummy” is not carrying any threat at least recklessly. The Creative Assembly worked on artificial intelligence of the enemy, and promised that the enemy will adapt to the player, and not to perform actions spelled out in advance scripts.

His behavior is not subject to script. Without an excellent reaction rate
Each meeting ends increasing footfall and death. At parting
Alien will be able to see in all its glory. Although sometimes in the bestgeymer no view will just enter the bloody claw shining, surrounded by
scraps of flesh. It was at that moment when you’re exhausted expectation
spit on stealth and headlong rush to the goal, and to
saving roller is a few steps. This injection of Mirror’s
Edge – is the highlight of the gameplay, bringing a unique and exciting experience
in systematic “failure covers” on the ship vanished.
Of course, throughout the “Nostromo” placed cabinets, which can be
hide from Alien. Of course, Amanda is able to look out of the small
shelters, and, judging by the hints of crafting will be able to further tinkering
means of survival. But this is unlikely to save your nerve cells in the first
passing Alien: Isolation. The simultaneous release of five platforms
scheduled for the end of the year Tekushev. More details – exhibition
E3, which takes place from 10 to 14 June in Los Angeles.


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