God of War III (2010) PS3 Torrent


Year: 2010
Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: SCE Santa Monica
Publisher: SCEKod disc: BCES-00510
Publication Type: RIP
Language: Russian \ English
Transfer type: the text + a sound
Firmware: CFW 4.21 / CFW 4.6

Description: Surely, God of War III is one of the main (if not the most important), the Playstation 3 console exclusives.

Kratos is back. He became stronger, learn new techniques and got even more deadly weapons. The number of enemies on the screen at the same time present, will be increased to 50, as opposed to the 15 that had been in the previous games of the series God of Wars

God of War has always different scale, but this time we promise something unheard of. Monster will become more and they themselves will be larger – it is quite predictable. But who expected the enormous Titans will no longer play the role of beautiful background and turn into vsamdelishny characters with artificial intelligence? This is despite the fact that the size of the beast is truly huge: one only palm fit any of the Titans to a level of the first God of War. And these colossi, just imagine, will react to your actions, to go around the world and even to fight with the gods! In addition, Kratos will be able not just to climb on the back of wandering giant – and only there, on the back, an abundance of gardens and woodland, fields and meadows and, of course, monsters roam. Pleases titanium whirl up on its hind legs, and the hero with the enemies will go to hell, unless you manage to cling to any projection. It is said that such “landscape changes” occur in real time, without the aid of scripts. “Living levels”, according to Stig Asmussenu, will react to the actions of the player and no bestgeymer own will to open and close passes.

Features of this release
* Remove all languages except Russian voice acting and English
* Delete the file update
* All video recoded to a lower bitrate (video quality loss is not noticeable).


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