NeverDead (2012) XBOX360 Torrent


Released: 2012
Genre: Action / Slasher
Developer: Rebellion Developments
Publisher: Konami
Language: Russian
Type of translation: the text
Publication Type: GOD
Firmware: Freeboot


Five hundred years ago, a hunter of evil Bryce Boltzmann (Bryce Boltzman) and his wife dared to challenge the demon king Astaroth (Astaroth). Luck turned against the people – they have lost the battle. A woman was killed, and Bryce was doomed vengeful demon of immortality.

For a long time unable to die Bryce just thinking about how to get a drink and drown sorrows in a bottle. But finally, he was lucky to join a small, but udalenky organization NADA, specializing in the fight against the demons. And now, Bryce and his charming co Arcadia vigilantly guard the city from the machinations of supernatural forces.


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