XBOX 360

Rock Band: Antology (2007-2010) XBOX360 Torrent


Release Date: November 20, 2007
Genre: Musical simulator

Developer: Harmonix Music Systems and MTV Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Publisher in Russia: Electronic Arts

Language: En

Platform: Xbox360
Multiplayer: Yes (1-4) / On-Line
Publication Type: License
Region: Free
Firmware: Freeboot
Media Type: HDD

Music Boom successfully held; it is believed that no longer even on the decline. Several years ago, Guitar Hero, Rock Band and their lesser-known counterparts formed a new genre of video games, creating millions of home-grown rock stars. And though the majority of these “stars” are not distinguished from the third of an octave, using ingenious music simulators ordinary managers, housewives and students can feel like a real dzhimmihendriksami and other ianpeysami.

In just four years the total number of episodes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band passed away two dozen, and during that time, the authors used, seems to have all the possible ways to simulate playing musical instruments. And the look of a typical musical simulator emerged very clearly. Rock Band does not deviate from the proven formula and offers the usual range of entertainment. Execution rock hits on different instruments, controllers, bold experiments with the appearance of the stars, a tour in career mode, noisy evening with friends in the “room” of a rock band – all of this, to put it mildly, does not affect the novelty.


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