Tower of guns (2015) PS3 Torrent

Year: 2015
Genre: FPS / indie
Developer: Terrible Posture Games
Publisher: Terrible Posture Games
Publication Type: License
Location: USA
Code disc: NPUB31644
Language: English
Language: English
Firmware: CFW 4.21+
Starting from the disk: Inner

This is how he describes the creators, old-school first-person shooter with a randomly generated levels and opponents. “This is a perfect project for those who like the big guns, shooting at everything, battle giant bosses, leveling and modification of clothing, – developers have written PlayStation Blog. – No stupid NPC at your way, no ridiculous stories to explain what is happening. You’re a good man, they – the bad guys. If you reach the end, you win “.Zadacha player – climb to the top of the tower, but the high complexity and the random arrangement of the opponents will be severely hampered. Each time the user dies, it is returned to the bottom of the tower, but retained all of its pumping. The developers promise more than twenty kinds of weapons and a lot of modifications for each of them.
“Forget about the shelters and stealth – instead, you have to constantly dodge the bullets, make double jumps and rush into each new room, pouring all around lead – authors add. – As soon as you thought that the worst is over, you are sure to find one of the most ferocious bosses. You will die, and it will happen very often. ”


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