Tokyo Twilight : Ghost Hunters (2015) PS3 Torrent

Release Date: March 10, 2015
Genre: Adventure (Visual novel)
Official website:

Developer: TOYBOX lnc. , Arc System Works
Publisher: NIS America

Language: English
Language: English
Subtitle Language: English

Platform: PS3
Multiplayer: None
Publication Type: License
The code of game: BLUS31474
Location: USA
Firmware: CFW 3.41 / 3.55 / 4.21 +

Game Description
The game is for gamers the opportunity to experience all the colors of life in an interactive game called Tokyo Twilight.Proekt boasts Boevki cool and unique system of RPG elements allow players to use their strategy depending on the battlefield and force protivnika.Syuzhet game rolls on, he molchchyugane ordinary students who enrolled student lyceum called “Kurenai”. His first impression of the Lyceum changing new circumstances that have dramatically changed the reality around and opened up a new world to students who rolls over emotions from what you see. Gamers will explore the strange world which opened before yuneshey and find out if the boundary between this world and the present, as well as that rescued his appearance.


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