Crash Twinsanity (2004) XBOX360 Torrent

Year: 2004
Genre: Family
Developer: Traveller’s Tales
Publisher: Universal
Region: PAL
Age: E – For all
Firmware: iXtreme Compatible
Language: ENG


Familiar to all fans of game series Crash Bandicoot paradise suffered a new attack – evil twins, decided to destroy the island, and along with it the whole world. For the salvation of the homeland once again taken the irrepressible Crash, on the way to the goal mysteriously teamed up with his age-old enemy Dr. Cortex. In this strange duet evil doctor often acts as a “weapon”, and sometimes the vehicle of our main bestgeymer no hero, but sometimes they will have as good companions work together to pass the level. And, of course, they face lots of humor and adventure, and another – a new character!

New heroine Nina Cortex, as well as old friends Crash and Dr. Cortex – together (!), And one by one.
The inimitable humor writer-director Jordan Reycheka.
New enemies – more clever, unusual, artful and funny!
Huge game world in which you do not have to wait to download new levels!


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