XBOX 360

Earthworm Jim HD (2010) XBOX360 Torrent


Year: 2010
Genre: Platformer, Classics
Developer: Gameloft
Publisher: Xbox LIVE Arcade
Games Region: Region Free
Firmware: JTAG / FULL
The minimum version of the dashboard: 13599 or less
Age: E – For all
Game Language: ENG
Transfer type games: no


Jim – huge earthworm, which sharply boosted the brain, when it fell ультра-высокотехнологичный-неразрушимый-супер-космический-кибер-скафандр. The suit was stolen from the doctor Obezyanogolova who created it for the Queen pulsing-hyped-pyo-sweaty-oozing Sliznezadnitsy Ugly and that was to return Psihovoron. Alas, the last suit overdone and fell to the ground, directly to Jim, which created quite extraordinary bestgeymer no hero. In friends with him an alien puppy, and he’s in love with a princess-It-Like-Her name is. Jim overheard talks with Queen Sliznezadnitsoy Psihovorona about her plans for her sister, as a result of Jim to rescue the princess, defeating on the way a lot of enemies.
Run, shoot, use a whip, launch cows, jump to unimaginable heights and swim underwater levels.


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