XBOX 360

Rabbids Invasion (2014) XBOX360 Torrent

Year: 2014
Genre: For Kids
Developer: Ubisoft Barcelona
Publisher: Ubisoft
Region: Region Free
Publication Type: License
Firmware: LT 1.9 and higher (XGD2 / 16537)
Language: Russian
Transfer type: the text + a sound
Kinect sensor required!


Let rabbits grab your room and fill it with his trademark crazy!

The popular children’s animated series becomes interactive, going from TV directly to your house!

Now you can select any of the episodes and really have some fun with eared hero in his room, controlling the game with the help of their own movements. In addition Rabbids Invasion offers a fun multiplayer game with a very different – funny and silly – competitions. Alone, with friends or with the whole family – you have a good time, opening the favorite animated series from a new angle.


Take a look at 20 selected episodes of the series in a new way! Now you will be able to actively participate in the events of each of them, becoming both actor and spectator.
Earn points in the hilarious mobile games, including “Dancing with rabbits” and “Repeat position”. Blast off properly!
Challenge the most deft of his friends and fill the scale points race, try to keep within the allotted time in the “high-speed drawing” or try to repeat brand rabbit scream, using a voice recognition system.
Rabbits are eager to pay you a visit, using augmented reality technology. You can even dance with them!
Give space rabbit ugliness and enjoy the fun together with your family and friends, competing with them in an attempt to set a record.
Accumulate bestgeymer no glasses to set world records and open new episodes, capsules augmented reality and acquaintances of the series items.
Remove from the rabbits for a memorable album, using your console camera!


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