Year: 2009
Genre: Action / Sci-Fi Shooter 3d
Developer: GRIN
Publisher: Evolved Games
Code disc: BLES00537
Completeness: FULL
Efficiency: external / internal HDD
Publication Type / localization: pirates
Firmware: 3.55
Language: Russian port from the PC
Language: English
Multiplayer: 2x split Screen

Los Angeles lies in ruins. Desperate attempts to change the past in order to prevent a terrible future, have failed. Army of heartless and merciless machines, obeying artificial intelligence “Skynet”, began full-scale annihilation of mankind. However, all is not lost. People have a chance to prove that they are stronger than metal monsters and stand in the unequal struggle with the robots.
Game Terminator Salvation is based on the movie “Terminator Salvation.” In the role of John Conor, valiant resistance fighters, you have to challenge the army of machines. In its ranks, you see how the model shown in the film, and new kinds of ruthless “terminator”, created specifically for the game. Spectacular battles, unexpected turns of plot, the characters familiar – Terminator Salvation will not leave indifferent cult film fans and connoisseurs of prime fighters.


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