Teslagrad (2015) PS3 Torrent

Year: 2015
Genre: Arcade (Platform) / Puzzle / 2D
Developer: Rain Games
Publisher: Rain Games
Language: English
Language: No
Publication Type: Digital License (PSN)
Platform: PS3
Firmware – 4.60

Description: The action takes place in Teslagrade, the capital of the kingdom of electric saws in Europe 19.veka alternativ. The protagonist of the game – a little boy, which was hunted by the king’s soldiers. As a result of the chase the hero falls into a mysterious and terrifying Tower Teslamanserov. From this moment begins a new chronicle of the history of electric saws … The basis of the game mechanics based on the principles of electromagnetism. In the arsenal of our hero is a set of devices with which it should solve problems and fight with the bosses: magnetic glove device for teleportation, overalls and electromagnetic elektrozhezl. During the game you will learn the history of electric saws, Teslamanserov and conflict between the Order and the King, and the real story of the events preceding the story of the game. In Teslagrade no elements of an oral or written narrative, plot and background are described by means of graffiti, posters and other visual elements. Also Teslagrade missing elements, interrupt the game, such as uploading levels and movies (except for the intro), which actually allows you to go through the whole game and out in one go.


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