The Last of Us – Left Behind + DLC v1.11 (2014) PS3 Torrent

Release Date: February 14, 2014
Genre: Survival / Action
Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Published in Russian: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Language: Russian, English
Language: Russian, English
Subtitle Language: English, Russian
Localization: 1C-SoftKlab
Platform: PS3
Publication Type: Rip, DLC
Area: EUR
Code disc: BCES01585
Firmware: CFW 4.40+
Serviceability checked: CFW Rogero 4.40-4.55 / CFW Darknet 4.66
Multiplayer: Internet (up to 8 players)


Have you ever experienced a wild horror haunting you all the time? If
there is this horror project for you, but be warned, the game is not for the
young children with weak nervishkami game impregnated
unexplored, Beautiful town landscapes and terrifying dark alleys
punctuated not honor this your s top one is the light which
do you have a flashlight that at any moment can catch.

The Last of Us game which successfully take account of three factors successful
masterpiece of the game, for example have a steep plot, elements of horror and
beautiful, rich grafika.Syuzhet tells us about America is
into a mixture of forest and the ruins of a bowl of old skyscrapers and after
Another catastrophe visited Haller as the consequences of monstrous
changes in the physiology of people who have been victims of the epidemic
Splash, these zombie like now do not think and do not live their goal poedeniya
flesh. Joel and Ellie the main characters of the game trying to survive in this
new world, where every man for himself and every dark corner – the danger.


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