Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (2013) XBOX360 Torrent

Year: 2013
Genre: Arcade (Fighting) / 3D
Developer: Team Ninja
Publisher: Tecmo Koei
Games Region: Region Free
Firmware: JTAG / FULL
The minimum version of the dashboard: 16202
Age: M – 17 years old
Game Language: ENG

Description: Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate – an extended version of Dead or Alive 5, which includes the original game, content version for PS Vita, as well as additional content. Rows of soldiers replenished girl named Momiji., Familiar to fans of the series Ninja Gaiden, and together with the heroine added a new arena, executed in a retro-futuristic setting of Tokyo. Also DOA5 Ultimate bestgeymer has no opportunity to play for Leon, first introduced in the second part of the series.

Updated, Added Ultimate DLC Halloween Costumes 2014.

Be sure to put this save game with Horizon, or Modio, under your profile. If you do not list the save game will be damaged.
If someone does not understand how to register for a profile, just throw in the box profile with usb, inserted into the computer, go into Horizon, save game to throw hand on the stick. Then he will find your profile, unless threw it prescribes for your profile, and toss in the box.
If that still is not look turned on TU, version of the game should be 1.09.

List DLC
Round 3 DLC: Gym Class, Uniform and Special Set 2
Round 4 DLC: Players Swimwear Set
Round 6 DLC: Christmas Set 1
Round 7 DLC: Christmas Set 2
Round 8 DLC: Hotties Swimwear Set
Round 9 DLC: Fighter Pack
Round 10 DLC: Hot Getaway
Cheerleaders Set
DOA5U DLC set1
DOA5U: School Uniforms
DOA5U: Intimate and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Costumes
DOA5U: Halloween Costumes, Haunted Lorelei Stage and Kasumi Ragnarok Ace Outfit
DOA5U: Sports Costumes
DOA5U: Casual Costumes Volume 1 and 2
DOA5U: Legacy and Santa costume set
DOA5U: Tropical Sexy costumes
DOA5U: New Character Marie Rose, Lorelei Stage (unhaunted) and Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z costumes
DOA5U: Nurse Costume set
DOA5U: Training Gear Costume set
DOA5U: New character named Phase-4 and Overalls Costume set
DOA5U: Bath and Bedtime Costume set
DOA5U: Maid Costume set
DOA5U: Nyotengu and her debut costume set
DOA5U: Sexy Bunny Costume set
DOA5U: Halloween Costumes 2014 set


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