Destiny (Repack) v.1.10 (2014) PS3 Torrent


Year: 2014.
Genre: Action (Shooter) / RPG (Rogue / Action) / 3D / 1st Person / Online-only / Massively multiplayer
Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Activision
Code disc: NPEB-02021
Publication Type: Repak
Language: English
Language: English
Firmware: CFW 4.21 / CFW 4.6

As for our beloved space? The fact that the Destiny will
accessible location on Earth, Venus, Mars and the Moon. Beautiful location with
overgrown ruined houses, incredible lunar landscapes, red
fascinating Mars will look very nice not only artah. we
We gathered information on the four main locations in the game:
1. Land –
Our immediate homeland. It took the basic events of the universe
Destiny and here we will have to stand guard over the last town
Moon – another mark in history, trace the collapse of civilization. Moon
game – the exclusion zone, because almost unexplored since the defeat
Earthlings and how to compose the storytellers – is full of evil aliens
3. Venus
– It was once a paradise for men. It was destroyed as well as all
rest. Scientists and famous for its beautiful form, but civilization
It was literally washed away with a magnificent planet.
4. Mars – a planet whose people also lost metropolis. Now the planet is lifeless and teeming with nomadic bandits in the dunes

Activision does not clamps the money and is ready to lay out according to analysts
about $ 500 million to develop. And that, ladies and gentlemen,
record (GTA Rockstar’s cost 5 270 million). In this scenario, as
at least 15 million players have to buy the Destiny. So that
the responsibility lies on the shoulders of Bungie huge, not only cross
for a minimum threshold, but also strike at the basic positions Titanfall.
As for the plot and the actors, the story is. People like
usually full of curiosity, began to actively explore the world around them.
Over time, the rain poured over Mars, and Venus was easy to breathe
(most importantly, that the oxygen). Technologies have come a long way. However, as
one would expect out of nowhere, there was a terrible deadly
enemy civilization nearly destroyed humanity. But people
They built a huge city, the last hope of the Earth and the entire fading
civilization. It was at this time born Guardians (often referred to
Destiny and are probably the class). We will have to try on a suit
Guard and learn how to prevent the collapse of the same people as the great civilization,
the main thing – to protect the city from evil pesky aliens.

Features Repack Version:
Later wakes added new DLS follow the upgrade distribution
* Do not recoded
* Cut all localization other than English
* The game is patched to the latest version 1.10 NEW !!!
* Sewn additional content:
»Ghost Pack
»Blacksmith Armor Shader Pack
»Red Sparrow Upgrade Pack
»Collector’s Edition Pack
»Vanguard Armory Pack
»Expansion Pass
* Run through the icon on the XMB (without a manager)
* Installation is divided into 2 DVD5
* ONLY ON-LINE! To play you need to connect to PSN
F.A.Q. Installation:
Installing a drive:
1. Write the file (s) to disk.
2. Go to the “Install Package Files” and set the .pkg file
3. Repeat the procedure from step 1-3 with the other files.
4. Start the game by HMV.

Installing Flash cards:
1. Copy the file (s) to the carrier.
2. Insert the Flash console and go to the game \ Install Package Files
3. Select the installation file, and press X.
4. Repeat the procedure from step 1-3 with the other files.
5. Start the game by HMV.

Installation instructions to internal HDD console:
1. Start Multiman console.
2. Select the File Manager.
3. there go to the section titled console / dev_hdd0
4. See if the folder where packages (if this folder does not exist, then create it).
5. Copy the file (s) to the console in the folder / dev_hdd0 / packages / via FTP (how to set up FTP look in FAQ).
6. Go to the “Install Package Files” and set the .pkg file
7. Repeat the procedure from step 1-3 with the other files.
8. Start the game by HMV.

* Installation is divided into 2 DVD5
* ONLY ON-LINE! To play you need to connect to PSN
A whole new world
– Destiny immediately transports players into a universe of heroes and legends, with
plot twists, the work of the creators of Halo – one of the most
popular and highly respected game franchises of all time
Your legend
– Here you create your own legend, traveled with friends
the solar system in search of the lost secrets and treasures
left after the collapse of the Golden Era of humanity. When traveling
you will have the power and unique weapons and equipment
Towards adventure
– Monitor everything from appearance to your combat moves
character, with virtually endless selection armor, weapons and items
appearance. Use them in all modes, including campaign scene,
online contests and public battle. Back in the city,
social area with a third party, to refuel, repair and
re, before heading into a new campaign
Global universe
– Destiny more than a game to disk. This is a fantastic online
universe with lots of players. The more you play, the faster
developing world, providing access to new locations, plot twists,
unique opportunities and invaluable trophies.


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