Earth Defense Force – Trilogy (2014) XBOX360 Torrent

Year: 2014
Developer: Sandlot, Vicious Cycle
Publisher: D3Publisher
Games Region: PAL / NTSC
Firmware: JTAG / FULL
The minimum version of the dashboard: 15574
Age: M – 17 years old
Game Language: ENG
Transfer type games: no


The contents of the collection:
Earth Defense Force 2017 [GOD]
Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon [GOD]
Earth Defense Force 2025 [GOD]
+ All DLC

Meet the coolest collection of cooperative action movie on xbox 360.
The game supports cooperative transmission on a split screen that delivers a lot of fun, but you need to be careful, that would not shoot an ally.
Dozens of missions.
Hundreds of enemies on one ekrane.Sotni types of weapons: rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, flame throwers, nuclear weapons, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, automatic turrets … Combat vehicles: helicopters, tanks, robots …
The ability to destroy the whole gorod.Osoby interest still is in the cooperative game where each player can pick up weapons under certain tactics in the mission.


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