Tomb Raider Trilogy XBOX360 Torrent

Released: 2006, 2007, 2008
Genre: Action-adventure
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Language: Russian
Type of translation: the text (translated into the Underworld is not all, Legend and Anniversary have not played do not know)
Publication Type: JtagRip
Firmware: Freeboot
Serviceability checked: No


Tomb Raider: Legend – all admirers of the famous Lara Croft waiting authentic a holiday. Thank enjoyable innovations and remarkable animation fresh game series vouches for you the sea of pleasure. Miss Croft whenever kept pace with the period, and a fresh episode of her opsnyh wanderings – Tomb Raider: Legend on the exception. Modern graphic technologies have brought charming view of the heroine literally to dignity.

In Tomb Raider: Anniversary to the activities of players velop very first adventure of Lara. While still young and inexperienced, the heroine is the position of the powerful crime syndicate and is committed to find an occult artifact Sayen. But comprehended that she was just a pawn in someone naizloveschem project, Miss Croft decides to arrest the history means your hands! What is actually considered to be an old relic, and what fate awaits its owner – the answers following in the footsteps find in gloomy catacombs!

Tomb Raider: Underworld will tell about what happened to Miss Croft later events Tomb Raider Legend. The main impact will unfold in southern Mexico, Chiapas. Adventurer learns that just here bestgeymer there is a portal to the underworld – Xibalba – and revealed he Vaeba days of the calendar Redskins Maya.


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