Overlord (2007) Xbox 360 Torrent


Year: 2007
Genre: Action / Adventure / RPG
Developer: Triumph Studios
Publisher: Codemasters Software Company Limited
Region: Region Free
Publication Type: pirates
Firmware: 2nd wave and higher
Language: English
Language: Russian

Description: The new game from the creators of the series Age of Wonders you have to try on the heavy armor dark lord. Waking up after a long sleep you reoccupied his throne and your task is to rebuild the empire of evil. Your right hand, the labor force and the troops will blindly worship you goblinopodobnye creatures meekly fulfilling any orders. Restore from the ruins of the Dark Tower, a stronghold of your power, home to hundreds of your wards. Lift giant foundry, gloomy cellars, where they will languish defeated enemy, and do not forget about the personal apartment, where a faithful mistress can take a break from the conquest of the world. Learn deadly spells and create an army, one of its kind suggestive fear in the enemy.

Only on your actions will depend on whether there are regular residents of the village to meet you with flowers and songs, as a liberator, or terrified you will erect altars and sacrifice the most beautiful girls begging for mercy


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