Brave: The Video Game (2012) Xbox 360 Torrent

Year: 2012
Genre: Arcade / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: Behaviour Interactive
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Region: PAL
Publication Type / localization: License
Firmware: iXtreme LT 1.9 (15 wave / 14719)
Language: Russian
Language: Russian


The key character of the game fresh – the daughter of the ruler of Scotland, Fergus and his wife Eleanor, masterly archer Merida. Princess elect road in life independently of the trustees, and once, refusing to observe the ancient custom, throwing a challenge the all-powerful Scottish clans and their rulers: clumsy Lord MacGuffin, Macintosh and gloomy Lord always irritated Lord Dingvollu. Careless exposure to Merida have all chances to lower the country into chaos, and during this time she decides to go for advice to the precarious recluse. But that, instead offer support imposes a princess extremely unsafe spell. Defeat powerful chernoknizhnichenstvo become extremely difficult, and the young princess would need to believe only to personal audacity.
In this irge Disney / Pixar “Brave” you will be able to challenge destiny! Playing for Merida, push off on an exciting and unsafe ride on the mysterious forests of Scotland. You are waiting for interesting assignments and puzzles from the area of ​​ancient magic. For you to shine win inhuman opponents to disperse the evil spell and rescue the kingdom, and support for you will be provided with a bow and a sword. – Play alone or as a self-with each other – Use the blade or bow and arrows to fight with opponents – Compete in accuracy in mini-games, using Kinect for Xbox 360


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