Resonance of Fate (2014) PS3 Torrent

Year: 2014 (PSN version)
Genre: jRPG
Developer: Tri-Ace
Publisher: Sega
Location: USA
Code disc: NPUB31205
Publication Type: pirates
Serviceability checked: Yes (HABIB 4.60 v1.00)
Interface Language: English
Sound language: Eng / Jap
Required firmware: 3.41 / 3.55 / 4.21 +


Resonance of Fate – RPG project from the studio tri-Ace the creators of the series Star Ocean and Valkyrie. The game promises to change all the ideas about the genre of role-playing games. You will find a unique scenario, gorgeous graphics with a unique style and an incredibly realistic approach to shooting and other elements of gameplay. The game is set in the future, highly mechanized world unlike any one virtual universe, with which you have come across before.


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