Pro Evolution Soccer 2016/PES 2016 [GOD] (2015) Xbox 360 Torrent

▪ Title: Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
▪ Release Date: September 15, 2015
▪ Genre: Sport (Soccer) / 3D
▪ Developer: PES Productions
▪ Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
▪ Region: Region Free
▪ Publication Type: pirates
▪ Language: Rus | Eng |
▪ Transfer type: text
▪ Firmware: FreeBoot (17349)
▪ Size: 6.77 GB

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 – football game from the studio Konami. In PES 2016 includes: an advanced collision system, a new physical model of struggle for the ball in the air, the new parameters for the goalkeeper, the monitoring system goal celebrations, the new physics of the ball, and more., As well as greatly improved animation players and spectators.

“Dynamic weather effects – the first in a series PES presents the dynamic change of weather conditions. Now, at any point in the game may begin to rain. Coupled with more realistic physics of the ball is significantly alters the course of the game, because in the rain gear speed increases, and the players becomes much more difficult to take the ball, defender addition when leaving alone could slip and fall. Changing weather becomes an important factor in the outcome of the match, and is active in all the offline modes, including “Master League”.
“Movement of players – trying to make the movement more realistic, we have included in the game 3 new types of animation. Added many options for hitting the ball the goalkeeper and field players depending on the situation differently kick, making the transfer, are the ball and evade opponents. Footballers are outraged when the referee counts offense and resent, if they were open for a pass and got the ball. With the addition of a new animation to enrich and control scheme in the game one by one: now players in the struggle for the ball movement, and used deceptive tricks, causing the opponent to lose his balance.
“The new physics of the ball – over the past few years in the games in the series have been a lot of changes, and in PES 2016 realistic behavior of the ball has reached incredible heights. Every movement, rotation and bounce game are calculated honestly – every transfer and every shot on goal truly unique.
»MyClub – since the debut in PES 2015 mode myClub regularly updated every week, and in PES 2016 it will be even better, because it modernized in accordance with the wishes of the fans of the game. Among the improvements – a new system of levels of players as well as players, exclusively represented only myClub. Use points earned in matches or coins myClub, to manage the club and improve the characteristics of their players. Choose manager assign trainers and develop strategies to achieve goals. Gather the best team and make her a legend!
“The mobile wide-angle camera – the new position of the camera provides enhanced viewing angles, allowing you to better plan the game, follow the ball more accurately plan the run and moving players under the direction of artificial intelligence. The camera changes the tilt, zoom in and out depending on the position of the ball on the field, to ensure optimum visibility during the match.


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