Lucas Chess 9.07d (2015) PC Torrent

Lucas Chess
Platform: PC
Version: 9.07d
Genre: Board Games, Chess, obuchayuschie_programmy
Language: Russian and other
Year: 2015

System requirements:
operating system
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 (x86-x64)
minimum configuration
CPU 2.0 GHz, RAM 1 Gb
64 Mb of VRAM
100 Mb of HDD

Lucas Chess – the best of chess training programs, allows you to play chess against the computer with increasing levels of complexity (using chess engines, different levels) and decreases as the level of play of rise of tips. The program set 21 engine ready to play from the beginning, and at the level of 1300 to 3000 Elo rating. The list of engines is not closed, and you can add more with the only restriction that they must use the protocol UCI. In the game you can set a limit depth and duration of the analysis of the progress or change the sequence of actions of the engine. You can also choose debut, start from a specific position or to establish that the engine would be played by a book debuts. Children can begin their education with special engines that do not know much more than the figure moves that will allow them to play with the engine at an equal level. In Lucas Chess There are several types of competitions, and in two of them, you can publish the results on the program website. The first is the competition of one-on-one with all the engines, starting with the weakest. Initially, every engine available many clues, but with increasing levels, hints will decrease. And the second – a rating of Lucas, where you will be able to deal with all engines in its class, as well as gain or lose points based on the results of parties.

Including a large number of training positions. To find a solution without the help of others (coach will help you).
Included 50000 chess problems (starting with mate in 1 move).
Many prepared positions (various endgames, tactical combinations and other chess problems).
Options to play against any engine of your choice, regardless of your current account (or use a coach).
Watch the games of the Grand Master with the option: Play like a Grandmaster.
View PGN (a file format for storing chess games).
The ability to maintain a database of selected exercises.
Customize the appearance of the window, the playing field, fonts, sounds, etc.
The bonus system for children’s learning.
Configurable or automatic prompts.
Random task of the day.

Features of release:
Portable (works without installation in the system) and the installable version of the developers.
Localization: Reinhard, Vladimir.

Installation and startup:
Installable version:
Run the file “InsLucasChess903a.exe”
Set by following the prompts of the installer.

Portable version:
To install a portable version, run the file “LucasChessPortable903a.exe”
Choose a comfortable place unpacking
After successful unpacking, you can run the program and transfer a file folder at any convenient place


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