Olympus 2207 [RePack] (2015) PC Torrent


Title: Olympus 2207
Year: 2015
Genre: RPG
Developer: Nebesa Games
Publisher: Nebesa Games
Platform: PC
Version: 1.1
Publication Type: Electronic Distribution / Sam.izdat
Language: Russian
Language: no / not required
License: Freeware

System requirements:
To work correctly, the game Your system should meet the following minimum requirements:
Obligatory presence of DirectX 9.0c (version Library D3DX9_42.dll)
Operating system: Windows XP and higher
RAM: 256 MB
Free space on HDD: 1,8 GB
The screen resolution not less than 800×600
Keyboard, mouse.

The main action of the game takes place in the area of ​​Silicon Valley USA, in 2207. The inevitable Great War occurred in the distant 2013, leaving behind a luminous radiation wasteland for good a hundred and fifty years old, but humanity as a global earth virus does not become extinct: some people have taken refuge in makeshift shelters, rich comfortably settled in a luxury haven “Layvos” and those who were just lucky, turned out to be the right time at the walls of a skyscraper “Olympus”. The rest, who did not have at least someone shelter from radiation, had to adapt to new living conditions have on the evolutionary, genetic level …

Once one-on-one against hunger and anarchy, people began to rapidly deteriorate. Without GlobalNet news releases and people stopped to learn from the outside, what is “good” and what is “bad”, and each began to determine for itself the value of these words.
Do you have food and shelter from the weather? Good! You have nothing to eat and nothing to protect themselves from wild animals, and have your friend in the gun only 2 cartridge? Poor … You got the gun and the food? Good!

The man – a social, so people started looking for each other. One seemed to be in a group it is easier to produce food, others seemed to be in a group it is easier to select a meal from those who produced it … began to revive the community. Some attack, others defend. The most aggressive group gathered in the “Dogs of the Sunset,” and began to terrorize the radius of Silicon Valley. The most common Dogs attacked singles and small families, who live in older homes, but sometimes gather strength, they are attacked and to old villages plants such as plant canned “Happy Bull” or known to the whole wasteland “entertainment” chemical plant community ” Rainbow Raiders “… When those killed in such attacks has become much, but the food has not increased, the community made a deal, and began to share what they had: food, water, drugs and weapons … Four New World China. But no matter how the faction leaders would get the resources of their brethren, the main dream of any living within the Tower, has been and remains one – to penetrate the “Olympus”.

Fortified skyscraper “Olympus” stands right in the center of the circle, and if the bait, teasing the hungry and shivering. Faced with solar panels, it sparkles in the sun like a beacon, attracting all the new suffering of the most remote corners of the radius, but “mere mortals” tower gate always remain closed, and the approach to them face encounter with one of the “Defender.” Rotting bodies still lie brave long on the perimeter of the tower, and exude a stench …

Features of game play:
Selecting the white-skinned black man or the hero game.
Minor changes system SPECIAL (right to a role system SPECIAL belong to their owners). In particular, changed the degree of influence of characteristics and skills on the gameplay, skill “game” (the casino) is replaced by the “Casanova” (the ability to convince women), perk “sex appeal” is replaced by “mechanical memory” (Bonus automatically increase the skill depending on the committed Action).
The period of maturation of the protagonist (1st stage – 7 years old, 2nd stage – 17 years, and the third stage of the entire game – 20 years).
Crafting (opportunity to collect items from several available).
Fixing the found / broken weapons bought on a workbench. Attention! The game is not provided wear armor or weapons.
Choice of mini-games to hack electronic boards (for example, if your skill hacking electronics too low, or if you want to get more experience).
Simulation of life NPCs, which determines the possible range of the player’s actions.
The absence of “main quest”. You choose a goal in the game! Do you want to become a tyrant Radius? Or do you want to conquer the “Olympus” and wield the power of its technology to revive life in the radius? The choice is yours!

Features RePack’a:
Unlike the original minimum in installer added:
an adapted game for Hi-Res patch (3.0.6 / 4.1.8) by Mr. Stalin (09/15/15)
fix the cleaning frame in hi-res (if Freeze)
Modifying sFall v3.6 by Crafty (sFall2 v1.4)
The editor saves from Vad – F12se
Added additional D3DX **. Dll (# 30,31,42,43)
Added OST (available for review)
read the log for updates


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