Last Empire-War Z (2015) Android Torrent


Title: Last Empire-War Z
Year: 2015
Genre: Strategy, Tactics, MMO
Developer: im30
Language: Russian
License: Freeware
Platform: Android 4.0 or higher
Version: 1.0.39

Last Empire-War Z – the apocalypse has come and the world flooded the zombies. Lead the survivors of last resort and protect humanity, repulsing the attacks of walking flesh-eaters and other enemies.
The Last Empire-War Z will offer you the chance to play with the allies and enemies from all over the world! The game is your refuge will be exposed to attacks by ruthless enemies, pick up the last resources. Your task is to protect the same, or reflected attacks with allies and the struggle for world domination. Survival or seizure – you choose.

– Multiplayer real-time strategy, with the ability to view the current battles taking place in various regions of the world;
– Build and develop shelter, beat with other survivors;
– Variety of zombies will not let you get bored;
– A variety of strategies for the game will make you a real leader;
– In the post-apocalyptic world, you can be a farmer, a thief, a peacemaker, food and … zombies.


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