Dreamland Masters (2015) Android Torrent

Title: Dreamland Masters
Year: 2015
Genre: MMORPG, Strategy, Online, RPG, Hack & Slash
Developer: Mechanist Games
Language: Russian
Tablet: Not required
Platform: 2.3 or later
Version: 1.6.2

Dreamland Masters – «Master of Dreams” – is not just another online “rolёvka.” This game combines two genres at once – already mentioned above RPG (or rather, action RPG) and CCT – trading card game. Games last genre recently gained wide popularity among users worldwide, and hence, “Masters of Dreams” automatically becomes more interesting to review than many other MMO, not very different from each other.
The world’s first 3D Action RPG | CCI for mobile platforms!
What and how you want to play – depends on you,
and constant updates will not let you get bored!

– Fully in Russian
– Stunning 3D graphics and 3D ARPG vigorous battle;
– Over 100 unique characters, each with their own special abilities;
– More than 500 skills that you bring down on their enemies;
– Endless tactical options thanks to systems Elements and synergies;
– Play and compete with friends in online multiplayer modes;
– Win your place in the Hall of Fame PVP-Arena;
– Optimized user-friendly interface;
– Live chat chatting.


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