The Testament of Sherlock Holmes (2012) PS3 Torrent

Title: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
Year: 2012
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Frogwares
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Code disc: BLES01485
Area: EUR
Publication Type: License
Serviceability checked releasers: Yes
Language: Russian
Transfer type: the text + sound

1898. London. The brilliant private eye, storm London underworld gets into serious trouble. All received in the course of the police investigation the evidence points to him as the only suspect in the new case of theft and fraud.
The news spreads through the city like wildfire. Caught by surprise and deprived of the opportunity to prove his innocence, the detective immediately loses the confidence of Londoners. And when Holmes escapes from the representatives of Scotland Yard, and under cover of darkness destroy evidence, suspicions grow in confidence. Doubts begin to overcome even his friend and faithful partner Watson … Is Holmes is able to go on the slippery track criminal and his next step will be to murder?
In this confusing stories you will play the role of Sherlock Holmes. At stake your reputation infallible detective, so investigating this complex matter, be extremely careful and make the most carefully analyze any information received. Investigate the scene, track down clues, restore the chain of events and draw conclusions on the basis of a new gaming system of deduction. Very valuable is the ability to build a conversation with each character so as to find out the necessary information, in spite of the desire companion to guide you on the wrong track. A keen eye and sharp mind – your main tools, use them to their full capacity, decide for yourself what is important and what – no, not succumbing to the tricks. Unravel the crimes and restore the good name of the famous detective!


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