Flower (2009) PS3 Torrent

Title: Flower
General information:
Year: 2009
Genre: Poetic Adventure
Developer: SCE Santa Monica, ThatGameCompany
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Publication Type: License
Code disc: NPUA80083
Language: Russian
Language: –
Game Version: 1.01
Required firmware: 2.50
Operability: The successful launch on CFW HABIB 4.53: Cobra Edition

PlayStation Network welcomes another concept that challenges traditional game conventions.
– The creators of the genre defying flOw, – are you
attention Flower. This game continues the good tradition: a simple story,
affordable management and the ability to experience emotions and not as usual
for the world of computer games.
In Game
Flower nature, usually serving as a backdrop for the story,
It comes to the fore, becoming, in some way, the protagonist
games. The player is given the opportunity to get away from the stress and worries of everyday
life and go on a journey of colorful and picturesque bestgeymer no peace,
admire the beauty of nature and unravel its mysteries.
can become the wind and play with flower petals. Objectives and route
Travel changing with every step, but they are all connected with the flight and
interaction with nature. Using the Wireless Controller SIXAXIS,
the player directs the flight of petals and introduces changes in the landscape.
It allows players to experience different feelings and choose your suitable
every rhythm of life. Pastoral, but at times chaotic game
Flower for the PS3 takes you into the interactive world: feel all
the richness of its colors and sounds.

Easy management suitable for both experienced players and beginners; you
Relax and unwind, without thinking about the teams.

At the same time on the screen can be displayed over 200,000 animations
blades, creating a living green carpet, which is impossible in all other
gaming formats.
● Regardless of your experience and mood,
You can easily find a mode that will fully enjoy
beauty and tranquility

Set FlowerPSN.pkg
Update Flower_CFW3.55_NPUA80083_FLOWER_FIX-PATCH-1.01.pkg, if
You firmware version 4.21 or lower
Flower_CFW4.21 + _NPUA80083_FLOWER_FIX-PATCH-1.01.pkg, if higher.


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