Haze (2008) PS3 Torrent

Title: Haze
Year: 2008
Genre: Action
Developer: Free Radical Design
Publisher: Ubisoft
Code disk: BLES-00169
Publication Type: License
Completeness: FULL
Language: Russian
Transfer type: the text + sound
Firmware – 3.55

Any government in the world knows that the maintenance and development of the army requires a lot of funds. Military expenditures
We reached hundreds of billions of dollars, and it was much more profitable not to have an army, and hire someone else. The corporation
Mantel Global Industries went against the proposal, deciding to fill a niche in the market. So, the UN and NATO –
along with dozens of national armies – it was disbanded, and all peacekeeping functions were transferred to a private army
“Mantel”. At the present time – in 2048, complicate the situation in the South American boa. Uncontrolled
rebel group, calling itself the “Helping Hand” led by brutal maniac “leather jacket”
prevents live good people. Fortunately, “Mantel” is already sent to the region peacekeeping formation sufficient,
to resolve the standoff. Sergeant Shane Carpenter is sent along with the other soldiers in a feather boa, and thanks
Nectar will successfully fight for their lives.

In the “Mantel” always take care not only about the safety of the soldiers, but also of their entertainment. Therefore, for the soldiers it was
developed a “nutritional supplement” called Nectar, which must be taken on the battlefield. Nectar improves
accuracy, no bestgeymer improves vision, increases the speed and force. In addition, the soldiers “Mantel” can endure and even
enjoy any wound, and at the same time cause more damage to the bad guys. Perhaps the most useful feature
Nectar is that it improves the perception of the battle, the soldiers, “anticipate” source of danger. The feeling is so
clear that the guys call him the “sixth sense”, but nothing supernatural in it, of course not. The thing is
stimulation of certain brain areas. Some skeptics argue that it is “dangerous and irresponsible.” However, these
guys just do not understand it.


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