Killzone HD (2012) PS3 Torrent

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Title: Killzone HD
Year: 2012
Genre: FPS / Action (Shooter)
Developer: Guerilla Games
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Firmware: Cobra ODE
Publication Type: Lichenziya
Image type: ISO
Language: English
Serviceability checked: Super Slim 4.53 Cobra ODE

Game description:
Killzone – it is a realistic and brutal shooter, tells about the outbreak of war in the near future on Earth. Mankind escaped to the stars. People have mastered space, conquering one after the other star systems, establishing colonies where there was peace and order. But once on the planet Helghan was a terrible accident, due to which almost all the colonists were killed by unknown radiation. Dying, they had hoped until the last minute to help with Earth, sending distress signals to earthlings. But help never came …
Over the years, the colony was reborn from the ashes and become a strong military power. The surviving colonists from planet Helghan mutated and adapted to the new environment. They cursed the ground, sometime obrekshuyu them to torment and challenge to humanity ….
Externally Killzone HD is a cut above the version of 2004: in addition to raising the resolution of the game and new textures, some characters redrawn face some individual objects even added a little polygons + trophies ..


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