Knights Contract (2011) PS3 Torrent

Title:Knights Contract
Year: March 6, 2011.
Genre: Action, RPG
Developer: Game Republic
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Code disc: BLUS30582
Location: USA
Publication Type: pirates
Language: Russian
Type of translation: the text (port Xbox360)
In operation Check: Yes


Hundreds of years ago in medieval Europe, the servants of the Church, acting at the behest of the heart or of greed, day and night were hunting for sorcerers and witches, ruthlessly punishing all suspected of witchcraft. And very few of them were executioners more skilled than the knight Heinrich, famous for his animal strength, agility and superhuman tenacity. But somehow, even he could not be saved from the terrible curse of a young woman who does not hesitate condemned to death.
The penalty was Heinrich immortality.
After a century, the former patron of knights, crazy Doctor Faustus, desired to conquer the world, created hordes of bloodthirsty monsters, sweeping everything in its path. It was then that Heinrich met the witch Gretchen – the reincarnation of that girl, that long ago cursed him. Gretchen decided to challenge Heinrich Faust and proposed a deal: the knight becomes her companion and ally in the upcoming battles, and instead make it the sorceress again … mere mortals.


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