Rogue Legacy (2014) PS3 Torrent


Title: Rogue Legacy
Year: 2014
Genre: Platformer / Action / RPG
Developer: Cellar Door Games
Publisher: Cellar Door Games
Code disc: NPUB31512
Publication Type: License
Language: Russian
Type of translation: the text
Completeness: FULL
Start: 3.41 / 3.55 / 4.21 +

Rogue Legacy – unusual roguelike from Studio Cellar Door Games. The singularity of the game is the following – your character has only one life, and after his death, and she is sure to come, you’ll be playing for one of his descendants, and the skill set of each of the followers will be different. Create a hero who will be able to overcome all obstacles and treacherous traps, and unravel the mystery of the mysterious castle …

About the game
Rogue Legacy – this is a video game in the genre of roguelike, Developed by Cellar Door Games. To be honest, roguelike genre as such is not – it is a subgenre of computer role-playing games, one of the main feature of which is a final and irreversible death of the hero. This canon should Rogue Legacy, where the protagonist, ran into strong monster or hitting a deadly trap, dying and no longer reborn. But the thing is that the Rogue Legacy each deceased knight or magician (and they are the main actors from Wells) have sons and daughters who are ready to rush into battle after his previously deceased relative. The term “early” means many, many years have passed since the death of the ancestor, but he certainly did not wait so long.

As soon as the next man is sent to the other world, the player can immediately decide with who will be his successor – there are given several options. Each character has specific features, some of which may be useful, others – harmless, and others – only one bearing damage. To the last point could be considered the possession of two left hands, myopia, and many other abnormalities. But all the pros and cons balanced character, and some deviation, at first glance, one can cause a disorder that often the benefits. That’s what a good – be a dwarf? So after all is fine! Little soldier calmly get through where the knight standard growth will be in difficulty, and tall cornstalk, and Rogue Legacy there are representatives of the human race, and did not manage to pass.

Yes, as you can understand, after the death in Rogue Legacy still has life. But there are also penalties, and get away from them can not be anywhere – in front of us because roguelike. So, dying over and over again, each time a player is forced to start over again. This approach would be disastrous for the game, and in particular sub-genre as a whole, but then fully revealed another feature roguelike – random generation of the world, present and Rogue Legacy. Even though the player still revives in the castle, followed by a mandatory way comes under the shadow of the dark and dangerous forest (the list goes on), location still look different. My room, new secrets and hiding places – there is a sense of novelty, and thus in the Rogue Legacy can play a very, very long time.

Gameplay Rogue Legacy quite unsophisticated. There is a hero, it should be moved to locations, trying to kill him ahead of time by the run-in with a powerful enemy or hitting the insidious trap. It is necessary to destroy the monsters, collect various modifiers runes (give unique abilities), and gold. For the money you can pump some of the skills, to buy more powerful equipment or particular rune. Somewhere in the distance there is a goal – the bosses, to which you want to reach, and then destroy it. After the elimination of dangerous reptiles the game is not over, there is still a super-duper-mega-boss, in comparison with which all past seem puppies. This is where the need to try, but there is nothing to do bestgeymer – by the time the player is already so rich heritage of the dead relatives of the virtual, do not avenge the spilled blood will be the pixel is simply no longer possible.


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