Silent Hill: Downpour: Hacked Edition (2014) PS3 Torrent

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Title: Silent Hill: Downpour: Hacked Edition
Year: 2012
Genre: Action / Survival Horror
Developer: Vatra Games
Publisher: Konami
Code disc: BLUS30565
Completeness: RIP
Efficiency: External / Internal HDD
Publication Type / localization: pirates
Firmware: 4.21+
Language: Russian
Language: English
Multiplayer: No
Serviceability checked releasers: Yes

Game Description

In this modern horror game you have to try on the skin of a convict who escapes under interesting circumstances of the bus transporting prisoners, but behind him is a survivor of the guards, -uniqueness girl cop.
In the story, they are both located on the outskirts of the city of the terrible Saylint Hill and both are not even aware that this hides depths WSS mesto.Oni gradually begin to find out otnosheniya.Pendlton try to prove she is not her guilt, she is on what is instead to arrest him, to become on your side and you are together (not the game) start way in hell, helping each other.
Sailint Hill – a town that has a thousand secrets and roads and most importantly terrible reverse side – is an alternative Saylint Hill, where all creatures urodlivye.merzkie Murphy trying to attack, but it is not so simple and has a gun and a torch, as the game arsenal of weapons uvelichitsya.Geympley surprise you with a combination of horror and constituting a succession of puzzles to be solved in order to pass on.
The game has an atmospheric, good graphics and interesting plot, and most importantly, how Pendleton cheat death in this purgatory on earth.

Features (Silent Hill: Downpour: Hacked Edition)
• Remove all except Russian Localization
• Change Theme Menu XMB / XMMB
• Added the music in the XMB menu
• Sewn Mod: Endless Kits
• Sewn Mod: Infinite Ammo


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