Euro Fishing (2015) PC Torrent

Title: Euro Fishing
Year: November 2, 2015
Genre: Simulator (Fish) / 3D
Developer: Dovetail Games
Published: Dovetail Games – Fishing
Platform: PC
Publication Type: License
Language: English / French / German
Medicine: Present (CODEX)

System requirements:
* Operating System: Windows 7/8 (x64)
* Processor: 2.4 GHz
* Memory: 4GB
* Video: 1 GB
* Hard drive space: 2 GB

Euro Fishing will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the action full of adrenaline and fun, on a background of beauty famous lakes in Europe. Operate with a fishing rod and fishing line, create your own tactics and improve techniques to become a better fisherman. This is the most realistic fishing, which you can do, not looking up from the comfort of home. Take fishing, without leaving home! Whether you are a beginner or a professional angler, Dovetail Games Euro Fishing as accurately and authentically conveys the feeling of a real fishing using a unique and physically accurate control of casting and reeling coils ‘Total Cast Control’. Start by learning the basics of fishing or just go to one of the five most beautiful European locations for fishing, including St. John’s pond and lakes Diggers Lakes, each of which require special skills to catch the fish of your dreams. With the advanced technology of artificial intelligence and fully configurable environment parameters, fish react to changes in water temperature, time of day, weather, and the bait in the same way as in real life. Dog fish school before taking the appropriate place or a comfortable spot on the bank of the lake, and then configure their equipment to get the maximum chance of a good catch.

Full control of the throw
For the first time in computer games about fishing, experience realistic feeling of throwing a fishing rod on your computer

Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence fish
A battle of wits and skill between fish and fisherman all the virtues of a new, thoughtful AI

Competitions and tournaments
Compete with your friends in online tournaments and compare progress in real time, or just with the AI ​​in our ongoing tournaments

Stunning location
You are waiting for five European locations, including the famous St. John’s pond fisheries Linear and lakes Diggers Lakes recreated down to the smallest details

Changing weather and time of day
You can select the weather conditions corresponding to real or create your own settings and see how to change the behavior of fish

With gear box
For excellent fishing You will have to choose the right equipment: a wide range of fishing rods, fishing-lines, gear and baits that can be combined with a huge number of ways

Art navigation
Watch the surface of the water, to predict the behavior of the fish; Throw-fishing rod with a specially prepared site or from the shore, to get the maximum chance of success fishing

With the use of modern graphics engine Unreal Engine 4, the simulator Dovetail Games Euro Fishing looks so similar to reality as possible

Created by experts
Developed in collaboration with experts in fishing for carp, such as Korda and Simon Scott, Dovetail Games Euro Fishing is exactly the same experience of real fishing

To install:
1. Place the mounted image
2. Copy the contents of the folder CODEX in a folder with a game to replace.
3. Play


Euro FishingEuro FishingEuro Fishing

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