Skyrim Legendary Edition + Falskaar [DLC] (2011) Xbox360 Torrent

Title: Skyrim Legendary Edition + Falskaar
Year: 2011
Genre: RPG
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Region: Region Free
Publication Type: pirates
Firmware: FREEBOOT
Id Game: 425307E6
Serviceability checked releasers: YES
Language: Russian
Type of translation: the text 1C TU10 + sound 100%

The events of the new game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will take place 200 years after the events of Oblivion, at a time when the main character going to be executed. After the king’s death in Skyrim civil war broke out between supporters and opponents of joining the Empire. Staff of Chaos, Numidium, Red Mountain, the gates of Oblivion, and finally, a fratricidal war are part of an ancient prophecy about the return of dragons, expelled thousands of years ago. They came back and now are waiting for the coming of the dragon god Alduin, a victory which will lead to the destruction of the world.
Only the protagonist, the last of drakonorozhdёnnyh by Esbern, one of the last survivors of the Blades will be able to stop the invasion and save the world. He is to climb to the peak of Hrothgar, talk to the ancient cult Seroborodov, learn special dragon rykam (a kind of battle cry) that will win the dragons. To learn them, the hero of the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will visit several ancient temples and face formidable enemies such as malevolent DRAUGR and the living dead-Nord.

All the latest amended text and sound from 1C
Postproduction porting to 100%
Ported unofficial addition Falskaar
List DLC
All the DLC checked and translated into Russian!
Designed for FREEBOOT DLC Skyrim Legendary Edition Versions
Descriptions and screenshots for each DLC included in the distribution!
1 Auto removal of arrows with a bow
2 Fast Horses
3 for version 60 FPS Optimization
Additional 4-markers on the map in the cities
5 Creek Alduin (Inferno)
6 Magic Barrier on boards
7 markers for quests in Cairn Shower
8 markers Quest Stones Borenzii
9 Mighty Daedric Artifacts
10 We put on an infinite number of Rings and Amulets
11 graphics settings
12 camera settings finishing
13 unread book light
14 Remove the weight with Things
15 Enhanced Favorites Menu
16 Superior Stones Guardian
17 Reducing the time between screams
18 The war in Skyrim
19-New weapons (There may be some bugs with the display of a weapon)
20 Informal addition Falskaar (starts in Riften)

If you start playing with some sort of DLC then continue to play with them, because the data are written into the saved game, and if you remove the DLC are possible bugs, and other amenities.
DLC Falskaar not removed as long as it has played !!!
The game throws a USB HDD or unpacked, scan FSD – Aurora.

Content DLC, we put on the internal HDD on the way “Hdd1 \ Content \ 0000000000000000 \”
TU We use only the hand!

At the root of internal HDD reset Skyrim_Legendary_edition_RusExpansion.dll

Then run Dashlaunch go in the tab ustanvalivaem Plugin and the library in Plugin1.
Go bumper RB in the right tab, select the device where to save the settings and click the button Dashlaunch X.
Restarting the console play!

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim – Legendary Edition – Trailer


Skyrim Legendary Edition + Falskaar Skyrim Legendary Edition + Falskaar Skyrim Legendary Edition + Falskaar

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